Suncoast University Series

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– Jake – When my dreams of going pro are crushed by a career-ending knee injury, I have to figure out how to use brains over brawn for the first time to graduate college. Enter Eden, my new Biology tutor. Except she doesn’t want to be paid in the usual way. She wants me to give her relationship tutoring to attract a guy she likes. But this shy, awkward brainiac is turning out to be so much more than I expected. In the words of a scientist, will this equal exchange turn out to be more than the sum of its parts?

– Eden – Hot guys don’t fall for nerds like me. It’s just a fact of life – one I’ve come to accept like gravity or thermodynamics. So even though others think Jake’s interested in me, I know it’s just this tutoring deal we have going on. I show him the electron transport system and he shows me how to kiss. Simple as that. There’s no sense in getting my hopes up, even as I realize this ex-jock and I fit together in a way I never thought possible. Rarely does an equal exchange turn out to be more than the sum of its parts. Even when I desperately want it to.

A short story/novella for Becca and Josh is coming soon, exclusively free for newsletter subscribers.

Other Books

Allie’s next book, Resisting the Billionaire, is the start of a new contemporary romance trilogy, featuring three sexy billionaire brothers. It will release in Fall 2020.

Allie will also be writing in a new collaborative series published by Smartypants Romance, with a planned release date of 2021.

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