More romance is coming! Stay tuned for a new contemporary small town romance series following a trio of siblings in their mid-twenties in the Pacific Northwest in late 2022.

The first book in the trilogy follows Owen, a big bear of a man with a sensitive side, and he’s totally unprepared for the whirlwind that is Harper when she shows up at his door demanding an annulment for the drunken Vegas wedding they had years ago. What seemed a hazy dream to him turns out to be very real, and as they reconnect, sparks fly. Now if only he can convince her to give them a second chance…
Prepare for: 
     – A metropolitan city girl thrown into a nature-loving small-town guy’s world
     – A meddling family who just don’t know when to quit
     – A mountain of simmering lust between this opposites attract couple
     – And wouldn’t you know it… there’s only one bed

After that, look for the third Lessons Learned Book (Austin’s story) coming your way in 2023!

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