Bishop Brothers Series



– Connor – It’s all on me now. The billion-dollar company I just inherited from my late father. The public eye waiting for me to slip up. The pressure of keeping it all together.
At least there’s one bright spot in my life—my new assistant, Emma. My dream woman come to life if I didn’t know better.
It’s too bad the paparazzi would have a field day if they discovered something going on between us. I can’t afford for anything to jeopardize my new role as CEO of Bishop Industries.
Even if she is temptation personified.

– Emma – It was supposed to be a simple assignment. Become Connor Bishop’s new assistant and convince him to buy my father’s company, Montague Media. So how do I do that? By any means necessary, according to my dad—including seduction. Otherwise, I lose everything.
But no one told me how hard it would be to seduce a billionaire who insists on acting like a perfect gentleman, especially when real feelings start to emerge. At what point do I stop the charade and tell him who I really am? Before or after I fall in love with him?

Lessons Learned Series

My next book in the Lessons Learned series will release in 2022 and will feature Tyler’s best friend, Ethan, as the leading man. Prepare for a fake dating relationship between a guarded girl and the guy set to show her how real the two of them can be. You’re going to love Lexie and Ethan!

Other Books

More romance is coming next year! Look for a new contemporary adult small town romance series following a trio of siblings in their mid-twenties in the Pacific Northwest in 2022. I’m currently plotting out the series and working on the first book. I’ll give more details when I have them!

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