Lessons Learned Series


*Just released March 2021!*

Mia knows stress. She’s dealt with it her whole life. So when she gets an opportunity to run a psychology study to help her get into grad school, it should be no problem dealing with the prickly guy she suddenly finds herself paired with.

The one she had a secret crush on last year. The one who refuses to let anyone close. The one she’s discovering by the day may have a softer side than he lets anyone else see…

Tyler knows stress. He’s grappled with it for as long as he can remember. And just because he has to share credit with this girl on his new psychology study doesn’t mean he has to be friends with her. Except she somehow keeps worming her way into his life. In school. In the boxing gym.

In his bed.

But everyone knows it’s safer to keep to yourself. You can’t hurt anyone that way. Even if it means giving up the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

As things heat up in the Stress Lab, will this match be able to work together without disruption, or will this growing attraction between them eventually… combust?

My next book in the Lessons Learned series will release in 2022 and will feature Tyler’s best friend, Ethan, as the leading man. Prepare for a fake dating relationship between a guarded girl and the guy set to show her how real the two of them can be. You’re going to love Lexie and Ethan!

Bishop Brothers Series

Seducing the Billionaire (Connor’s story) is coming August 2021. Connor will be stepping into a new role and partnered with a heroine we haven’t met yet (though she has unexpected ties to another main character in the series). More news coming soon.

Other Books

After the Bishop Brothers series is finished, Allie will be returning to her new adult roots with a college sports romance series featuring the sexy men of West Lake University’s wrestling team. The first book will *tentatively* release in the first half of 2022 and is an enemies to lovers romance between the captain of the wrestling team and the investigative reporter of the student newspaper assigned to write an exposé on them.

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