Lessons Learned Series

My next book in the Lessons Learned series will feature Tyler’s best friend, Ethan, as the leading man. Prepare for a fake dating relationship between a guarded girl and the guy set to show her how real the two of them can be. You’re going to love Lexie and Ethan!

Coming April 14, 2022 – Not Fooling Anyone

The deal is simple—pretend to be Ethan’s girlfriend for a psych study and we each get a nice payday. Despite him being a dumb jock who willingly gets punched for fun at my dad’s boxing gym, I can handle it. I’ve mastered the art of keeping others at a distance. Especially after… Well, never mind that.

Except, I didn’t count on him not understanding the definition of boundaries. Suddenly, we’re having to fake being in love all over campus to keep up the ruse. And when he tries to slip under the barriers I’ve worked so hard to create? Yeah, that’s not happening. Even if it turns out he’s surprisingly understanding… and funny… and charming… and smarter than I ever would have given him credit for. Not to mention that muscled body from all that boxing…

No, that’s irrelevant. I may have misjudged him, but that doesn’t mean I’m interested. He has no idea what kind of baggage I’m carrying. A relationship is the last thing on my mind.

Even if I’m not fooling anyone.

*This book will have a special release model where it will be available on all retailers excluding Amazon on April 12, then will be removed from those retailers and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited on April 14. So if you’re a non-Amazon reader, be sure to reserve your copy in advance!*

Other Books

More romance is coming! Look for a new contemporary small town romance series following a trio of siblings in their mid-twenties in the Pacific Northwest in late 2022. I’m currently plotting out the series and working on the first book. I’ll give more details when I have them!

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